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We welcome you to our very own Privacy policy statement page! We sure are very happy that you just landed here.

And to be honest with you. We would never thought in a life time that anybody would be stooping by to visit the privacy policy of a Plumbing Service website. Well, now that you are here, We must assume that you do take your online privacy seriously as we do our self’s. We are one of the best plumbers in the twin cities. We want to get straight to the point here and tell you that we are not on the business of selling peoples personal information. what we really do is provide a plumbing service that is affordable and professional from technicians that been around for a long time and really know the business inside out, We must advise you that when you do visit our website there will be outgoing links that when you click on them you will be taken to other websites that we don’t have control of their privacy policy statement page. we encourage you to check their policy’s as theirs will differ from ours.

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Last Updated on 2-1-2023

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